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Gutter Cleaning Guelph Ontario

Clogged Gutters? We Can Help!

Gutter Cleaning Service:

Gutter cleaning (also referred to as eavestrough cleaning) can be a daunting task that no homeowner enjoys. Our process includes removing leaves, sticks, dirt, and all other debris from your gutters and roof. We also flush each downspout so that the entire gutter system is 100% cleared. Our friendly gutter cleaning staff will take before and after photos so you know exactly what's going on up there, without you having to go up and check. We then bag up the debris and take it with us so there is no mess left for you. 

The Benefits:

Clogged gutters are more than just an eyesore – they can cause poor drainage, pest infestations, leaks in your home’s foundation, and even basement flooding. This is because when a gutter or downspout is clogged, it prevents water from properly draining away from your house. Keeping your gutter system clear of debris is one of the most important ongoing maintenance projects for your home. 'Ignorance is bliss' should not be the approach to gutter cleaning!

How Often Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutters should be cleaned out once or twice per year, depending on the type of trees on your property and their proximity to your home. If you stick to this annual schedule, you’ll minimize the risk of water damage to your home, and ensure that you won’t have to replace your gutters any time soon. By signing up for our annual maintenance program, you will get priority on our schedule for the busy gutter cleaning seasons.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are ever dissatisfied with any area of service, simply let us know within 72 hours and we will happily re-clean at no additional charge. 

Gutter Guard Installation:

For homeowners looking for a permanent solution to gutter cleaning, we strongly recommend gutter guards. For more information, check out our Gutter Guard page.

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